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Advanced Hospitality Training Program

Dear Food Enthusiasts and Aspiring Hospitality Leaders,

We are thrilled to share the remarkable journey of our Bunyan Academy students as they embarked on a transformative quest for excellence in hospitality training. Set against the backdrop of Switzerland's picturesque landscapes, our students ventured into the prestigious École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), embarking on a journey towards the coveted Advanced Hospitality Trainers Certification.

The journey commenced with eager anticipation as the Bunyan Team set foot on the historic campus of EHL, a beacon of excellence in hospitality education. Surrounded by the serene beauty of Switzerland, our students were immersed in an environment pulsating with professionalism, innovation, and an unwavering passion for hospitality.

Under the guidance of seasoned instructors and industry experts, the Bunyan Team delved into a comprehensive curriculum meticulously designed to hone their skills, knowledge, and leadership prowess. From mastering culinary techniques to refining training methodologies, every facet of the program was crafted to nurture growth and development.

A pivotal aspect of the journey was the opportunity to collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds, fostering a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences. Through collaborative projects, workshops, and spirited discussions, our students gained invaluable insights into the global hospitality landscape, broadening their horizons and enriching their learning journey.

Beyond the confines of the classroom, the Bunyan Team immersed themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Switzerland, exploring its quaint villages and vibrant cities. Engaging with the local culture, cuisine, and traditions, they gained a profound appreciation for the intrinsic connection between hospitality and culture, transcending geographical boundaries.

As the journey reached its culmination, the Bunyan Team emerged as confident, knowledgeable, and inspired leaders poised to make their mark on the world of hospitality training. Armed with the prestigious certification from EHL and a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences, they are primed to embark on exciting new ventures, shaping the future of the industry with their passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

At Bunyan Academy, we take immense pride in our students' extraordinary achievements. Their journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of education, dedication, and perseverance. As they forge ahead in the realm of hospitality, we have every confidence that they will leave an indelible imprint on the industry, inspiring future generations of aspiring hospitality leaders to follow in their footsteps.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of the Bunyan Team as they pursue excellence in hospitality training with EHL in Switzerland.

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