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 Gastronomy and Restaurant Business Diploma

Learners will acquire the competencies, knowledge, and mindset to work in the vibrant Food and Beverage department. 

The hotel's food and beverage department is fast-paced, ever-changing, and is the perfect choice for individuals wanting to interact with different customers and provide a memorable food and dining experience. 

Learners will gain an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of food and beverage production, from ordering to consumption. Food hygiene, menu design, food trends, food sustainability, event management, and luxury customer service are just a few of the mouthwatering modules available in this program. 

On completion of the program, learners will be qualified to work in any food and beverage operation and possess the skills to progress up the career ladder with TRSDC. Diploma Duration.

Program Overview

Gastronomy and Restaurant Business Diploma Sponsored by TRSDC

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Program Overview: 

Graduates will be proficient in the following activities and will be distinguished by the following behaviors:  

  • They demonstrate the ability to work in kitchen operations autonomously and in a team even under stressful circumstances. ​

  • They prepare hot and cold food dishes following different recipes and different methods of cooking.​

  • They consider and operate according to clients’ wishes, demonstrating team spirit and following an economic and ecological mindset.  ​

  • They are proficient with the principles of occupational health and safety, health protection, and environmental protection.   

As hosts, they organize events according to an establishment's guidelines and they ensure that the layout of the restaurant space is fitting and that the atmosphere is welcoming.  

Through their personality, they create a pleasant atmosphere and ensure the well-being of their customers. They identify the specific needs of their guests and take appropriate measures to satisfy them.  

They prepare the Food & Beverage service, both in the daily service and for event sand they advise customers on appropriate beverages.  

They can use reservation, order, and cash register systems, establish bills and collect revenue.  

They master the principles of hygiene and occupational safety. They ensure that the value of premises, installations and appliances is preserved and that energy and equipment are used economically.  

Gastronomy and Restaurant Business Diploma Modules 

English Essentials
Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
Introduction to Customer Service
Applied English
Mathematics Fundamentals
Introduction to Office Tools
Introduction to Hospitality Operations
Introduction to Customer Service for Culinary Staff
Sales & Invoicing Systems
Customer Service Excellence
History of Contemporary Practice of Coffee & Tea
Goods Management for F&B
F&B Service Techniques I
F&B Department Operations
Goods Management
Beverage & Mocktails
Hygiene & Occupational Health Practices
F&B Service Techniques II
Stewarding Theory
Kitchen Department Operations
Introduction to Nutrition & Dietetics
Goods Management & Purchasing
Basic Culinary Techniques Application
Intermediate Culinary Techniques Application
Basic Culinary Techniques Theory
Intermediate Culinary Techniques Theory

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